January 21, 2011

Paul’s Chocolate Pizza Dessert

8 oz. Semi-sweet morsels
½ c Rice Krispies
6 oz. White disc chocolates
½ c flaked coconut
½ c marshmallows
2 oz. White chocolate
½ c dry roasted peanuts
Red & Green Maraschino Cherries
(cut cherries into quarters)

Mix semi-sweet and white chocolate together and microwave 1 ½ minutes. Check to see if melted, give another 15 seconds in microwave. Mix in marshmallows, nuts and Rice Krispies.

Line 12” foil pan with wax paper and smooth ingredients out to edge. Put coconut and cherries on top.

Melt 2 oz. White chocolate for 1 ½ minutes in microwave; take fork and drizzle it over the top.

Vicki Lewis

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